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How Good Is Your "Dishonesty Alert'?

Are you 'buying' it?How Good Is Your 'Dishonesty Alert'?Ever looked at Vehicles on Facebook Marketplace? You've seen ad pics like the one above, I'm sure. Really, sellers? You expect us to click on

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Why You Should Use a Buyer Agent When Buying A Home

It's What I Do...Why Should You Use a Buyer Agent When Buying A Home?You're looking at lovely homes on '', contacting each list agent as you find one you love (and THAT one is under

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iBuyers - Should You Sell To Them?

Know what you're getting into.Should you choose an 'iBuyer'?Selling your home, huh? You've heard the 'war stories' from your friends; the hours of cleaning and re-painting, maybe some repairs or

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