How Good Is Your "Dishonesty Alert'?

Dated: 10/22/2018

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I'll take it!

Are you 'buying' it?

How Good Is Your
'Dishonesty Alert'?

Ever looked at Vehicles on Facebook Marketplace? You've seen ad pics like the one above, I'm sure. Really, sellers? You expect us to click on your huge newer model truck ad because you put "$1000" on it? Lame tactics, to be sure.

Of course, most of us are smart enough to know THAT truck is NOT selling for THAT price. But that price makes you click 'just to be sure'. Ever heard the story about the lady who listed and sold her husband's Porsche from a newspaper ad for $10 (or some ridiculous amount) because she found out he cheated on her? Maybe that's happening here, right? You'd be the first to know!

Most of us are cynical enough to know better. Cynicism is thought to be a virtue anymore. And perhaps a dose of it is positive; keeps us from making some big blunders. You know, if you're looking at new cars, the oversmiling, overfriendly, overpromising saes agent is the first to get your cold shoulder. "Don't believe everything you hear/read" your parents taught you. We still believe in magic, or miracles, or good fortune, or luck, though. So sometimes we think just MAYBE this time it'll happen.

The point I'm trying to make is this: To avoid the assistance of someone who is educated in the field you are needing something in is often going to backfire. You can know just enough about something to be dangerous; either to yourself or the end result. Trusting someone these days can be excruciating to some people. I'm not a big fan of doctors, but I have found one I trust. One that actually listens and allows me to be a bit of a know-it-all because he knows I know about my own body condition more than he does. He knows I research what might be the problem and what might help it. But he also knows how to help me understand it and offer other solutions I didn't know about. And they've worked!

I want to look for the good in everyone. If we avoid everyone who looks friendly or helpful, we really might miss out on the help we need to get what it is we want. The hard part is how to know who is real and who is 'fake'. Most of us have a pretty good 'big fat faker' alarm built in. It usually helps us avoid a 'bad deal'. But not all the time. Some people want to take advatnage of you, knowing you don't 1.) have all the facts, and 2.) have little experience in what you're trying to accomplish. Ever write a computer program? No? Wanna try? It's easy! A bit of logic, some commands and a place for results. You can do it! Oh, you don't know programming languages? Hopefully you never NEED to write one to get what you need to survive, then. What if someone helped you? Would you know if they were helping YOU, or helping THEMSELVES? What if they programmed in something that copied all the results to themselves so THEY could benefit from whatever it is you were trying to produce? You'd never know. And maybe that's for the best...unless your life depended on it.

I hope my clients have found that I'm trustworthy, but still human. If you find someone offering you the moon and 100% knowledge (who has THAT?) on a subject, might be best to get a second opinion...or just run the other way.

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