Hilary Meader

Realtor GRI

Fathom Realty - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


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Fathom Realty has ranked 4 times on the Inc500 as one of America's fastest growing companies, and ranked #24 on the Real Trends 500 list of largest independent brokerages.

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Fathom Realty gives back to our communities through agent-led service projects and charitable giving.

About Hilary Meader

You’re ready to buy or sell your home, but that means using a real estate agent. I consider myself an 'UnRealtor' - I'm in this for YOUR happiness. Professional yet personable. Let's meet! Some folks feel they need to ‘grin and bear it’ using an agent, since we all know the stereotypes. I will admit there are those who still do fit that in some ways. I don’t think I’m one of them. It’s true that you could possibly buy or sell your home without one. However, don’t forget the time and emotional tolls this will take as you learn what works and what doesn’t. I’ll bet you already have a full time job and perhaps a family. MY full time job is to help YOU with your real estate needs. My loyalty is to YOU, my client. Of course I want to help you get the best result, whether it’s the highest possible sale price on your current home, or the lowest possible price on your dream home. There’s more to a good deal than price. I won’t list the 181 Things Your Realtor® Does For You here; just a sample: • Research and ‘read’ the market for the best price to buy/sell for • Marketing expertise (knowing what works and what’s cheesy) • Knowing what’s ‘sales’ and what’s truth in a property you’re interested in • I have the Time to put in to your search or sale, because IT’S MY JOB • Negotiation with Buyers & Sellers, which can otherwise be a complex, emotional component • Paperwork/Contract knowledge, as Texas updates their official forms frequently; We know what all that fine print means to YOU. I keep educated on it all. • Interface with Service Providers such as title, foundation, inspection, contractors, new home builders • Tie up loose ends (always lots of them) and get you to the Closing Table for keys or a check! Yes, all Realtors will give you this list, but not all follow through competently, even the ‘experienced’ agents. I try to put myself in your shoes on this real estate journey and treat you as I’d like to be treated. Coming from a long background in IT serving with part time employees up to the CEO level, it’s pretty obvious to me that we all want respect, communication and a pleasant person to work with. I hope I can be that for you. I’m a lifelong horse owner, dog lover, non-city girl who loves to sing! Born at the beach, moved to the mountains, seen a lot of the country. My family has been in real estate on both sides, and I’d be an architect if I had been as good at math as my son is now! I love helping folks with their homes and finding just the right place they can hang their “Welcome” sign on. Give me a call or text, let’s see if we can do some real estate rustling together. Equestrian properties are my favorite. Assisting you in buying YOUR next home is my goal.

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